Worldwide Expertise in Industrial Mixer & Agitator Design, Fabrication & Installation Since 1996

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Welcome to the world of exceptional customer service, superior products and leading edge technology.

At MixPro®, we custom design and engineer agitation solutions for a range of applications limited only by our customers' requirements and never limited by their location.

Industrial design and fabrication is now one of the most fluid environments in the business world. Companies that require solutions to facilitate, enhance or maintain their manufacturing capabilities are no longer restricted by geography. Thanks to information technology, any company is free to search the globe for the world class thinking & innovation that will improve their business.

At MixPro®, the world market is where we compete. Our mission here is simple: to develop and produce world class industrial agitation solutions that always exceed the expectations of our customers, both in terms of mechanical design and long term performance.

Competing world wide requires the capability of designing and producing world class solutions. For us, doing this consistently has been the key to sustaining long term relationships with our customers and attracting a steady stream of new customers in today's highly competitive industrial world.